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J'Harris Consulting was originally established in 2008 from a desire to help one genre of clients accomplish their goals in one identified area of need.  With the help and support of family, J'Harris Consulting has evolved to embrace a greater need for a greater purpose. 


"Over the last 11 years, J'Harris Consulting has sought to restructure and broaden services that identify and address the needs of our ever-changing society and community. In 2019, we still value the importance of addressing the needs of our society and community.  This is the driving force that produced J'Harris Collaborations.  We believe that Professional Training & Development is crucial for achieving growth and success and we also believe that Christian Training & Development reveals the purpose and strengthens our ability for sustaining that growth and success..."

This is especially true for our youth.  J'Harris Consulting created a Youth Building Pilot Program (FFC) for High School students who found themselves frequenting BIC or ISS.  These interventions purpose to give them moments of choice resets so learning can become their primary focus.  This curriculum integrates life skills, academic, social/self-responsibility, and parent/family involvement Life & Coping Skills.

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Yolanda Derby, Founder & CEO
Yolanda Derby, Founder & CEO

Youth Building (FFC) Life& Coping Skills

Youth Building (FFC) integrates Life Coping Skills to help change the stories of our youth and communities.

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